10 makeup tips for beginners

If you have just entered the world of makeup, you will see a remarkable and almost magical transformation. A natural face is beautiful, but makeup

can help you highlight what you have, perfect your features and even have an almost perfect appearance change. You can also use it to go out at

night, during the day, for formal events, for beaches, for anything! And what is needed is practice, skills, and some tricks.

1. Experiment when you don’t have to do: The worst thing you can do is experiment with a new look when you have to go somewhere. What if something goes wrong? What if it finally falls apart? Don’t dare a few hours before the party, it’s better to practice the day before to avoid problems.

2. I choose the right color: Not all colors stand out with your skin color or eye color; You must choose the right one and that complements your natural tone.

3. More or less: One BB cream is all you need to change your makeup base, moisturizer and sunscreen. For something they became very popular when they went to the market, they were amazing!

4. Magnifying glass: A magnifying mirror will help you see better, but that won’t allow you to have a good perspective of the area you are making. In the same way, it is important that you shave and paint yourself under good light, not at night or under a lamp.

5. Eyeliner: If you want your eyes to look bigger, use small mascara and make an outline of the top of your eyelids. If what you are looking for otherwise, make your eyes small, paint the bottom of your eyes.

6. Mascara: If you want your eyelashes to remain intact for a long time, warm up a little on your eyelash curler before wrapping it around. When painting with mascara, make sure to apply just one layer and then another pair. Don’t saturate your eyelashes with so many products, or you can saturate your eyes.

7. Use cream products: Creamy products tend to look more natural than powder, so they are most recommended for teenagers and beginners because they are also more manageable.

8. Lasting lipstick: Exfoliate your lips with a little sugar and honey, use balm, apply your lipstick, put disposable paper on your lips, use solid powder and go! We guarantee that makeup will last for hours.

9. Inspire: You can search for videos on YouTube about tutorials and tips for starting makeup according to your needs. Similarly, you can be inspired by phototuriales or different views on Pinterest or Tumblr.

10. Exercise: The only way to perfect skills, such as makeup, is to practice as much as possible. Do not give up! Yes, that’s difficult for many people, but we guarantee you that the results will be worth it.