5 Secrets That Will Make Your Body Energy Level Increased

Whether we realize it or not, our daily routine will inevitably demand stamina and excellent energy. It is in the form of a necessity in order to be able to run all kinds of busyness to other activities with joy, not with a tired face bin tired, but a face filled with happiness and cheap smile.

For that we must apply a healthy lifestyle in order to have high energy levels, of course it takes effort. The problem is to go to higher energy levels do not come form of inspiration, suddenly immediately contained body. Do we still remember Newton’s law that “every thing will keep a stationary state or move straight uniformly. Unless there is a style that works to change it. ”

In line with your intention to live healthy, then prepare a step in moving and trying to reach high energy levels of the body amid the modern lifestyle that mushroomed lately. Here are the tips.


No matter how busy you are in the routine, at least, your time allocation in the social media through the smartphone that you have always ahead. Well, this can be applied in exercising, steal a little time on the sidelines of your busy by doing sports that you like and in accordance with the condition of your body.

Remember, do it regularly, not even perforce at will. The benefit, when you regularly, your body’s automatic mechanism will follow the rhythm of your activity.

sunlight also has benefits for mankind.

Just 15 minutes just basking at home or in front of the office to enjoy the warm morning sun. Sunlight will activate vitamin D that is produced by the body to raise the body’s immune system spike. It is easy and cheap, and do not forget, do it every day, if possible.


The fact that drinking coffee before exercise can reduce fatigue by as much as 60% makes coffee lovers flooded by the spirit. The content of caffeine will stimulate the production of adrenaline which will increase blood flow during the move. In addition to caffeine, be sure before starting cardio or load workouts, increase the amount of carbohydrates to get extra energy during exercise.

Less consumption of water can make us fall.

Everyone even the heroes who serve the country, no one wants to be found in the fallen condition. Especially in terms of attending the 17-an ceremony. Do not rush to light the food that goes into the body before the move, because the cause is definitely dehydrated.

But it’s good before talking at length, we hear first facts revealed by dr. Veronica C.A. Leiwakabessy., S. Ked. ‘Dehydration related’ Dehydration has considerable impact, such as dry mouth, feeling tired continuously, fever, constipation, loss of consciousness can even lead to death. ‘

Health Facts on the Goodness of Sleeping Tilted to the Right

Sleep is one of the basic human needs that must be met. After tired of working all day, sleep is useful to restore the energy wasted so that in tomorrow, you eager to again to work. Apparently, not only posture when standing and sitting alone should you pay attention to maintain health, proper sleeping position was working to maintain the quality of sleep and our health.

Sleeping position tilted to the right with the right body as a pedestal, it gives many effects to our health. What are the effects that benefit our health?

  1. For those of you who are dominant to use the right body for the move, sleeping tilted to the right can rest your left brain

When in school first, of course you have learned about the anatomy of the human body. The human brain is divided into two parts, right and left. The left brain is the source of the right nerve movements of your body. Generally, the majority of you use the right part of the body as the most dominant part to do daily activities.

With sleep facing right, the left brain that supplies all the right organs of the body will be spared due to the dangers arising from decreased circulation while you sleep. Do you know the danger posed when our circulation slows down? the deposition of blood clots, fat, oxidation remaining acid, and narrowing of blood vessels that cause stroke are some of the consequences that will be obtained. By changing your sleeping habits to the right, you will avoid the stroke that has claimed many lives.

  1. Your heart will move more slowly and your sleep will become more sound

Sleeping position tilted to the right turned out to provide another advantage, namely reducing your heart burden. Sleeping position, allowing blood to be distributed evenly and concentrated to the right or the bottom, it will cause the flow of blood coming in and out of the heart will be lower, causing a slow heart rate and lower blood pressure. The heart is also not affected by other organs because of the position of the heart is more leaning to the left. Conversely, if you sleep facing to the left, the blood that goes into the atrium will be more and more.

  1. Rest your stomach that works all day to digest the food you eat

Human stomach is clashing like a coma tube with the tip of the output valve leading to the intestine facing downward. So, if you sleep facing left, it will slow down the process of chime or gastrointestinal food mixed with gastric acid so that the emptying process of the stomach will be disrupted. Over time, these barriers will increase the acid accumulation that causes erosion of the stomach wall. So dangerous for you who suffer from ulcer.

Want to Stay Healthy and Stay Ideal? 5 Healthy Food It’s Worthy Try

Having the ideal weight is everyone’s dream, both women and men. A person with an ideal weight will appear more confident. In addition, when looking for clothes they will not be difficult to get it. Ideal weight is very important for a person. Not only to support the appearance but also for the sake of health. We know, lack or even overweight will make various diseases easy to approach.

A healthy lifestyle must be lived to achieve ideal body weight. Among them are regular exercise, eat healthy food and enough rest. If all three things are met, then the ideal body weight will be obtained and of course the body healthy and fit every day.

Of the three factors, food is the most influential factor on the rise and fall of weight, especially in women whose bodies often experience weight gain. Therefore, it is very important to consume regular healthy food with the right portion.

Here are some healthy foods that must be consumed to take care of the body and keep the weight to remain ideal:


The main source of vitamins can be found in fruits, and apples are vitamin-rich fruits. Foods with high fiber can digestion and fight against cholesterol in the body. Apples also contain plavonoid and quecertin which can prevent dangerous diseases such as cancer. Eat apples as a breakfast menu if you’re on a diet. Apples contain carbohydrates that can provide energy for the activity.

Almond nut

These nuts are rich in fiber and vitamins. Can be consumed raw or already boiled, but without any additional such as sugar or chocolate so that all the vitamin content can be absorbed by the body maximum. Almonds are very suitable as a substitute for dinner, especially for you who are on a diet program.


In addition to fruit, other vitamin sources come from vegetables. Is a spinach that has good properties for skin and hair. Vitamins and fiber contained in spinach are also efficacious for digestion. In addition, consuming spinach will strengthen your bones and teeth because of the magnesium content inside.


Another great vegetable to keep your weight, broccoli. These green vegetables contain vitamins A and C are excellent for perfecting the body’s metabolism. In order to get maximum results, broccoli should not be cooked too ripe for vitamins ┬ánot lost. Do not also mix the various sauces because it can thwart your diet.


If you have discussed fruits and vegetables, this time there are fish. However, the body needs protein and omega 3 intakes to maximize brain performance. Because salmon has high protein and omega 3 content that other fish do not have. Salmon is also very low in calories so it is safe to eat for you who are undergoing the process of dieting.

7 Safe Delicious Meals for Diabetes Patients

tes is a deadly disease and a terrible scourge for most people. The danger again this disease can be decreased to the next generation if our parents have diabetes, which happens we are more at risk of diabetes as well if not keep the diet. Diabetes not only attacks the elderly, but those who are still relatively young can sometimes get this horrible disease.

However, the risk of diabetes can be lowered by maintaining the diet and running a healthy lifestyle. Diabetes is strongly related to the food and drink we eat. Well for those of you who have a history of diabetes in your family or for anyone who wants to avoid this terrible disease, here’s a list of foods that are safe for diabetics to consume.


Oatmeal is widely recommended by health experts to substitute the source of carbohydrates. Because in addition to containing complex carbohydrates that can make us full longer, oatmeal is also healthier for our bodies. For those of you who are tired of breakfast with rice continue, can try oatmeal with a mixture of fruits. Oatmeal is very well consumed regularly, usually oatmeal is mixed with fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and bananas.

Red rice

Rice is one of the staple foods in Indonesia. But the rice we usually eat is white rice, which actually contains a lot of sugar. For those of you diabetic or who want to avoid it, you can replace your white rice with brown rice. Red rice is known to be lower in sugar, but it tastes the same.

Meat without fat content

Diabetics may eat meat? Actually consume meat in diabetics noleh, let alone meat has many benefits for our bodies. Noteworthy is when the process, remove all the fat on the meat. Then when cooking, do not use cooking oil. It would be great to have roasted or boiled.

Popcorn without mixture

You like eating snacks? popcorn you can consume for snacking. But for those of you diabetic or who have those risks, it’s better to eat popcorn without a mixture of caramel, sugar or other flavors, fresh popcorn.

Sea fish

It is undeniable that marine fish can be an excellent source of protein for the human body, not to mention the diabetics. To note is how to cook it, it would be better if burned, steamed or baked. Then choose fish with high omega-3 content such as sardines, tuna and salmon. Please avoid fish with high mercury content such as cobs.


Tomatoes have a lot of water content, not wrong if this one fruit can be processed into refreshing juice. Tomatoes have many beneficial ingredients, such as lycopene and lutein that can protect the kidneys and blood vessels from damage caused by diabetes. Not only that, drinking a glass of tomato juice every day can reduce the risk of blood clots due to diabetes.

6 Ways To Expel Panda’s Eyes To Get Away Soon

Speaking of eye bags, of course we know about panda eyes yes. Panda eye is a condition where eye bags darker than usual, can even be accompanied by swelling that makes the eyes look puffy and small as well as the eyes of panda animals. Although not a contagious or chronic disease, but the eyes of the panda will reduce confidence tablets. So there’s nothing wrong we know how to tell the right way to block the arrival of panda eyes.

Get enough sleep and rest

Most of the causes of panda eyes are messy break schedules. To fix this, start by adjusting your sleep patterns and hours. Try to sleep for 8 hours a day, or if it feels difficult to do is sleep a few hours but quality sleep.

Water consumption

The human body is 80% composed of water. What is the function of the water itself? Of course many, ranging from helping to drain oxygen throughout the body to maintain the moisture of the skin and body. Lack of water will inhibit the body’s metabolism process and also can make the skin becomes dry. This condition can trigger the eyes of the panda if coupled with a less than perfect schedule. So make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to ensure your body’s health.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are magical foods, not only delicious but they also have a lot of benefits. Fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and some substances that the body needs.

Limit makeup

Makeup can be a disaster if not used carefully. For those of you who have panda eyes, it’s good to restrict the makeup app. Maybe mensiasati use of makeup can be done for you who want to expel the panda eyes instantly. Makeup that we often encounter is a combination of chemicals and natural formulated in such a way according to its designation. But for you who want to heal it, you should fast or limit your makeup to prevent panda eyes are not getting worse.

Use moisturizer and sunscreen

Prevent panda eyes can also be done by using moisturizer and sunscreen. Moisturizers are useful for locking water content in the skin so the skin does not dry easily. Sunscreen serves as a primary shield to protect the skin from excessive sunlight. Collaboration of both will make panda eyes not easy to stop.

Not too long contact with sunlight and gadgets

Fatigue in the eye can also make eye bags turned into panda eye tablets. One way that can be used to prevent it is not too long in the sun. In addition to the continuous use of gadgets and watching television, staring at the screen with a distance too close also has an effect, especially if done in a dim light.