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Coming as a new trend, batik today has been enjoyed by many people. Not only by adults only, but has begun to spread to children to adolescence. Extensive segmentation is actually a great opportunity to be able to open a batik business. It starts from the smallest scale until it gradually develops.

Perhaps among students, selling batik can be done with a mediocre capital. For example, in a simple way, taking batik to batik traders wholesale and then sold by retail is the simplest step that can be done. Some colleagues have many students who run it, they average buy batik to batik merchant’s subscription and some even directly order to the batik craftsmen and then sold to colleagues and force colleagues.

indonesian batik fabric online

For example, they buy batik with a large scale by wholesaler, the system of purchasing goods with large quantities. Generally can be done in some big market which become center of batik trade like klewer market in Solo, Beringharjo market in Yogyakarta and many other market. Usually when we take batik in wholesale with large quantities, discounts are given quite large and depending on the agreement between us and the merchant’s subscription.

With the widespread batik as a trend, did not rule out all segments can be penetrated through batik business that is being run. Even from the small scale as before, many people who eventually can add sales to various regions in Indonesia with the help of owned networks. Earned turnover was very intriguing. 

The way of promotion is also diverse, there is a way gethok infectious, but with the development of technology today, has many people selling batik by utilizing internet facilities, promotion on Facebook, twitter, to create their own online store. Utilizing internet network such as facebook, twitter is believed to be powerful to double sales turnover. However, utilizing the virtual world as a means of promotion is also necessary preparation. Terlebiih if all colleagues want to create an online shop that should be monitored every day. However, do not worry, start a conventional batik business and IT is the most important attitude of reckless, courageous and not afraid to fail and loss. This is important, now has a lot of online sites and entrepreneurship training that can be followed and practiced, especially if you want to sell batik.

If colleagues have started a business through cyberspace, it is necessary also a careful attitude and hold high ethics. Not paranoid intent, but anticipating fraud and mistakes can technically be learning. And one more thing related to holding ethics, may we tag and menshare information through cyberspace to all people and circles, but do not force if people do not deign.

Batik, is a word we often hear at the beginning of this October. Yes, because there is a day where we, the people of Indonesia celebrate National Batik Day which was celebrated on 2 October yesterday. As if scoop with cheery weekend batik, batik shops and batik sellers were widened its wings with large discounts. Public and private offices require employees to bathe in working hours. And, no lag anymore, the debate Questioning why there are batik is considered cheap, and there is also expensive batik. If you are wondering, visit batik fabric online on