Compression Stockings For Varicose Veins

Compression Stockings For Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are one of the disorders that occur in the areas around it. Varicose veins are behind or in a term known as the venous function returns the remaining blood metabolism of the whole body tissues back to the heart. Varicose veins can cause blood circulation be hampered in areas around the limbs and calves while holding the body weights occurred due of activity stand and walk upright in a long time, which will increase the pressure on the vessels venous blood in lower body sections.
Compression Stockings For Varicose Veins
For most patients, varicose veins may be a disorder that only physically disturbing, but this can also potentially varicose veins cause pain and discomfort could even turn into a serious condition, for that is the We recommend that you obtain the correct handling. These varicose veins can be caused by declining levels of elasticity on the walls of the blood vessels (veins), thus causing the venous blood vessels are weakened and unable to drain the remaining blood to the heart. And for more details again, here we know what are the causes of the incidence of varicose veins.

Treatment Of Varicose Veins As Recommended By Doctors

As for the suggestion of a few doctors had to tackle varicose veins that occur in the limbs are with some of the following ways:

  • The consumption of drugs or supplements that can relieve varicose veins.
  • Consumption of omega-3 fatty acids as much as 100 mg/day.
  • Consumption of Ginkgo Biloba as much as 120 mg/twice a day.
  • Use compression stockings or a special stocking varicose veins. Stocking used for Varicose therapy this function suppresses the blood vessels so that blood vessels are not volume is stuck on venous blood vessels. Which if this is the case then it is undeniable to mention such a condition likely to trigger the onset of varicose.

While buying stocking therapy for sufferers of varicose veins, make sure the size is suitable with your feet. To this end, using a tape measure or a pharmacist can measure the distance to make sure if the size of the foot with the size of the stocking is the same size.[HS] read more compression sock walmart