How To Start a Business Pancake

Why did the son of an Indonesian president fall in love with the sweet pancake business in Indonesia? Probably not found in stories in other countries except Indonesia. Gibran Rakabuming Raka decided to sell sweet crepes from Indonesia instead of following his father, who became the number one in Indonesia. Even this news has become a synonym in the media.


In fact, there is nothing wrong with that. What’s wrong is our way of seeing presidents’ family life of luxury presidents, projects and tenders across the country. Then, looking at this, Gibran feels ironic. We must remember that before becoming an official, Jokowi was just a furniture man. Then, according to the administrator, it’s not bad if your son took the initiative to make small and medium enterprises.

All work that we must see is its origin. These are important values ​​for a businessman. Indonesian crepe sweetener is certainly a noble work if handled properly and appropriately.

Return to Indonesia in sweet crepe. The fact that the sweet pancake business of Indonesia lasted a long time. It has become an option for Indonesians, especially the lower classes, to stay in business. Almost all Indonesians know and love this type of food. The activity of Indonesian sweet crepes has developed and entered various social classes of the community.

There is a unique view of the public when it comes to sweet pancake business in Indonesia. Some of them think that Indonesian sweet crepe is one of the easiest companies. Just buy the cheapest Indonesian pancake offer and rent a decent place that already has a sweet pancake business in Indonesia. But the fact is, they often want kiosks. It is said that the Indonesian company of sweet crepes must have at least 3 new branches that can remain firm. The myth is believed by the so impressed burden of the community.

Indonesia’s sweet pancake business between the middle class and the lower class has distinct characteristics. Usually, they choose a place by the roadside at night. Or it could be on the town square when there is a night market. But for the upper class, like Indonesia, the sweet crepe Markobar Gibran generally prefers to design his own cozy place. Mark a strong class. But it’s okay because they have their own market segment.

Sweet pancake Business Indonesia

The activity of sweet crepes in Indonesia has good prospects. If you still believe that the profits from selling sweet crepes in Indonesia are low because the price is relatively low, you should change it now. Because the price of Indonesian sweet pancakes today is absurd. We can know that the current price of sweet crepes in Indonesia ranges from Rp.12.000 to 50,000. Indonesia sweet modern pancakes with innovation of taste and very expensive way. Even hundreds of thousands of unit. This blurs the reference price of Indonesian sweet crepes on the market. From the producer’s point of view, it’s positive because it can follow any price.

Try to find information on the internet about the sweet pancake business opportunity in Indonesia. Many successful business stories of sweet pancakes from Indonesia in various cities. The main and most important advice of the sweet pancake industry in Indonesia is innovation. Logically this way, a little better than a little quality. If you lose in innovation, it will be difficult to compete with your former competitors.

The administrator’s breakout likes a bit, the innovation in Indonesia’s sweet pancake business can be of the eye. An example is an auto show. If you’ve ever been to Jogja, you’ll find people selling Indonesian sweet crepes with an exclusive silver design. They just rented an empty land. They do not make buildings with walls but galvalum designed as a food-truck. For me, it’s unique, but galvalum material is very expensive.

It is much cheaper than Galvalum if you want to design a place that sells sweet crepes in Indonesia. For example, you can design Indonesia’s sweet pancake basket with unique wood. Then you do the inside of the wood. But you must choose the best price to not overburden your finances. Similarly interior.

Where to buy Indonesia sweet pancakes from the cheapest cart?

You will wonder where is the cheapest Indonesian Pancake? And you find the right place. Besides the cheapest, this place is also guaranteed, safe and reliable.

We mean here that we are not pancake of Indonesian small entrepreneurs. We have no experience in selling sweet crepes anywhere in Indonesia. But here we are as producers of Indonesian sweet crepe cart who want to help the Indonesian sweet pancake maker like you. How? Of course, in terms of buying Indonesian pancake wagons, the cheapest. We deliberately do a long-term review so that you know how serious we are in helping business.

We are aware that many culinary entrepreneurs who want to do business are very difficult to get baskets of sweet crepes from Indonesia with friendly prices and of course quality. This could be due to the fact that the information is still weak. Even if there is no detailed information. After that, we believe that our experience should be used to help Indonesians.

If initially we only sell our products in Indonesia, we have now sold the product to all parts of Indonesia. We are ready to accept orders from any region.

In terms of products, in fact, we do not have a unique design of unique Indonesian sweet pancake carts. We are usually told that Indonesian sweet pancake trolleys are sellers of Indonesian sweet crepes widely used on the streets. Even if someone has his own design, that’s fine. It means we make it easy for us. At least they have a picture of the estimated crepe from the Indonesian cart so we can digest the needs of their cart.

We can do Indonesian sweet crepe trolley as anyone. Keep in mind, however, that we are wood specialists. Indonesian wagon our sweet pancake made of teak wood, acacia wood or mahogany wood. Wood is a material that we find easily and the price is very useful for you. If you want to use other materials such as galvalum, aluminum, iron, we can supply. But it’s just like a complement.

Indonesian sweet crepe price cheaper

The price of Indonesian pancake baskets is varied. Each manufacturer is different. The causes are numerous. This could be due to the level of complexity, choice of wood, integrity or franking. But if you refer to baskets of Indonesian sweet crepes as in the streets, we can be sure that the price of our Indonesian pancake trolley is cheaper.

In general, the price of Indonesian sweet crepe is over 3 million. The price is already a market price. There are even up to 6 million. But to know the detailed price, just contact our CS. It’s not our little information but to be more familiar and know the trolley, what you want to do. Well, from there, we will give you the price. That’s pretty much the system we used.

Oh yes for growing sweet Indonesian pancakes that we usually produce around 7 days. This can be faster if the other commands are not entered. That understands quickly.

After reading this article, I hope you will know where to buy cheaper, guaranteed and quality Indonesian pancake cart.

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