Ricardo Kaka : Back to Sao Paulo Very Emotional

Brazilian soccer star Ricardo Kaka was welcomed as a hero returning from the battlefield by supporters of his native club Sao Paulo. About 20 thousand supporters of Sao Paulo, welcomed the arrival of this 32-year-old player.

Kaka’s arrival to São Paulo is certainly not just a vacation to the hometown because it is not called Brazilian national team squad in the 2014 World Cup, but Kaka will re-strengthen his original club, Sao Paulo.

Kaka’s comeback to Sao Paulo is very happy for the fans. The reason, while spending his career there, Kaka is loved even though he finally decided to leave to AC Milan.

From 1994 to 2000, Kaka received a football education for the club Sao Paulo junior, and only penetrated the senior squad in 2001 to 2003. In that period, Kaka appeared in 59 matches and contributed 23 goals.

Indeed, next season, husband of Caroline Celico will strengthen the franchise team from the United States, Orlando City FC, because the previous owner, AC Milan off in the transfer market. But before playing for Orlando, Kaka will first strengthen Sao Paulo for six months.

Back to the place where he came from, Kaka claimed his comeback was one of those very emotional moments.

“This is a very emotional return, seeing supporters, family, friends, sons and daughters all here, in the place where I grew up, where I lived for 13 years. It’s very emotional for me, for my career and for everyone who supports me, “Kaka said quoted Goal.

“I am a football player who reached the top of the world of football, and I was formed at this club. So for me, it’s very good to mention that I grew up here and to Sao Paulo. Of course I would love to have won the Brazilian League title, (Copa) Libertadores or Club World Cup, which will not happen again – with Sao Paulo, “Kaka continued.