The Best Japan Car Rental Service

The island country of East Asia, Japan is one of the most developed countries in the continent. Many foreigners come here for leisure and business purposes. But naturally, travelers need some sort of a mode of transport. Although Japan has a decent public transport system, many people prefer to rent a car while in the country.

There are many reasons that influence people to rent out a car rather than utilizing the public transport system. For one, Japan offers an excellent driving experience which is not to be found in many countries in Asia. This is the reason why visitors love to explore the country by renting out a car for the duration of their holidays.

There are however certain things that foreigners are looking to come into Japan and renting a car should keep in mind. One thing that you should know is that there is extremely heavy traffic in the inner cities especially during the peak hours. Secondly, the parking fees for cars on the streets are quite high. If you aren’t comfortable with paying a lot of money on the parking fees, then you will be better off using the public transport system, especially within the larger metropolitan cities.

Renting a car is the best option for those people that wish to travel through the rural areas of Japan and explore different parts of the country. This cannot be done through public transport. The public transport system in the rural areas of Japan is infrequent and quite problematic. Plus as it is the cost of renting out a car in Japan is not that high which makes it a viable option for tourists.

Visitors intending to rent out cars in Japan should be aware of certain things before making the move. Firstly you should possess a valid international driving license or permit. You can collect an international driving permit from the national automobile association of your country before making your way to Japan.

Usually, we find that cars are rented out to people who have crossed the age of 25. In Japan, however, you can rent a car as early as 18. As long as your international driving license clearly shows that you are over 18, you will have no trouble in renting out a car in Japan.

There is a host of car rental agencies situated all across Japan. Some of the most well-renowned agencies are Nissan Rent a car, and Nippon Rent a car, Toyota Rent a lease and Mazda Rent a car. You will find most of these companies to be situated on the airports, tourist resorts, close to hotels and other major tourist attractions to provide easy access to the travelers.

You can even make an advance booking for your car rental in Japan before your traveling. This can be achieved by asking one of the Japanese rent car companies to reserve a car for you through their website.