Tips for Making a Minimalist Home that is Very Comfortable

Every home is a world, a particular universe where, respectively, reflects their tastes and passions through decoration. Interior design is the materialization of individual desires that can transform space into scenarios that respond to our housing needs. Discover inspiration in interior architecture projects that uphold professional design with care and dedication, is the perfect way to find the best choice for your home.

In this book of ideas we propose walking can conquer you with a simple view, touring through a minimalist home interior that is very comfortable where, its appeal, has a lot to do with certain eclectic conceptions of their space and decoration. The presence of wood as material used in different rooms, color choices

The waiting room

The living room is one of the most social spaces in the house, a space that is often the center of activity for every home and, in this minimalist home, it will not be lacking. Attention to detail is the basis of the room that focuses on neutral tones and the warmth of wood used as floor floors to create a very comfortable atmosphere. This room is full of nuances that make the design an example of elegance and difference.

Modern fireplace

One of the main attractions of room design is the integration of the fireplace. Its contemporary design does not reduce the peak of warmth from its aesthetic contribution, which, on the other hand, is perfect for creating a comfortable atmosphere at Christmas, winter evenings or special occasions. The geometry of its shape, the absence of amrco and the simplicity of its design facilitate integration with furniture which, as a shelf, makes this icon of modernity and elegance.

Inspiring walls

The waiting room extends outside the relaxation area starring the fireplace. In this other room we find beautiful composition. This proposal includes walls that are converted into specially made bookshelves that have everything needed to guarantee orders in the room. Low drawers and small cabinets colonize the furniture with white DM that gives continuity to the warmth of the floor with a wooden background, quite intoxicating.

Right lighting

However, the appeal of this furniture is not limited to color combinations or composition designs but more than that. A careful backlight system, carefully arranged in a variety of storage solutions that are integrated, provides stunning images for the white volume that makes it. Under the minimalist aspect hides the element of beauty that is unquestionable for all these modern and comfortable homes.

Kitchen and dining area

In construction with flickering in an eclectic style but with marked contemporary characters, one cannot miss an approach that is in line with one of the latest trends: open concept. The kitchen and dining room share the same space that maintains the harmony we saw in the previous room. The kitchen design is based on a parallel distribution of areas intended for work and a central island which, on the other hand, is connected to the dining room. White skin colonizes furniture which, in any case, brings certain warmth thanks to the incorporation of wood on its surface. Both scenes leave a contrasting game that can be seen on both cover and furniture.


Storage solutions are elements that add functionality to spaces. Regardless of the specific dimensions of each construction, take advantage of every angle to combine one of these resources for order maintenance is a problem that must be taken into account. In this minimalist home, the entrance is the preferred setting for integrating attractive wardrobes that can satisfy storage needs with undeniable appeal.

Guest bathroom

Do you think that this project can’t surprise you more? Of course the bathroom design attracts your attention. Unlike the other rooms we have seen so far, colors have been introduced into this room as part of its appeal. The wall cover uses neutral shades and turquoise as colored shades that add charm to the set. The result is a pleasant and relaxed space that does not skimp on detail, like the mirror of a retro aesthetic placed in a modern sink.

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