Tips on the Types of Wedding Decorations You Need to Know

You may have noticed that there are many types of wedding decorations. And, as one of the first steps in organizing a big day is, correctly, choosing one of them, knowing a little of everyone is fundamental!

To help you with this important decision, I wrote this post which presents the main characteristics of the most popular types of wedding decorations. How about checking? Know the main types of wedding decorations

Classic style wedding decorations

Among the various types of wedding decorations, this is most suitable for grooms who have a traditional profile and hope your big day really follows all the protocols.

Usually, white serves as the basis for the style color palette. However, it usually appears accompanied by several other soft tones, such as cream, salmon or pink, for example.

Some of the items that helped translate classic decorations are crystal chandeliers, Chinese porcelain, and silver candles, all of which are full of elegance. Large settings and beautiful candles are also accepted.

To combine with this type of decoration proposal, the ideal is to hold receptions in party houses, hotel rooms and other spaces with sophisticated architectural features.

Even though there are no rules, classic-style marriages usually occur at night so that the detailed wealth and brightness of the decor cannot end.

Contemporary Style Wedding Decorations

But contemporary style is perfect for couples who are full of character and, but want to have a party that will be remembered for years by grandeur.

Contemporary decor is characterized by a make up palette that brings together neutral colors (gray, black and brown) and unconventional colors (orange, red and purple).

Furniture is usually marked by having a straight line and some details. I advise you to choose textiles to break the coolness these features can give guests.

Some of the ingredients that help provide contemporary air to your wedding decorations are glasses, metal and stone. Geometric shapes can serve as inspiration for object selection.

Many contemporary marriages also occur in buffets and salons that follow this style at night. An interesting idea is to have parties at nightclubs occasionally.

Rustic style wedding decorations

This is one type of wedding decoration that is ideal for brides who have a tight budget and / or want to celebrate their big day with simplicity by the ease of doing something beautiful with little.

Rural marriage palettes usually refer to rural elements. Neutral patterns like beige can function as a base and colors in nature (such as green, yellow and pink) give charm.

Cheap objects to buy or use are the most commonly used, such as glass containers and wooden pallets. Everything is even more elegant with colorful arrangements consisting of various types of flowers from the field.

Of course, the most appropriate place for a wedding that follows this style is the farm, the farm, and the site. If it is not possible to use one of them, gardens and restaurants can also be adapted.

To make the event more interesting, consider marking a clock that contains the brightness of the sun, such as in the morning or evening.

Boho chic stylish wedding decorations

I think I can say that Boho chic is a combination of two other types of wedding decorations that I show in a post: classic and rough. That is, perfect for notifications that haven’t been decided yet!

This style inspires so much freedom that you can dare in the color palette. Even Marsala ruled almost absolutely in Boho marriages over the past few years. What if joining or downplaying?

They are decorative elements that clarify the intersection between classic and rough. You can bet on furniture that has country nuances and elegant ornaments such as chandeliers, carpets, silver, candles and antiques.

Places where this type of marriage tends to occur also have everything related to rustic and classics: hotels, inns, restaurants, parks, farms, sites and farms are good choices.

The most common are the bride and groom marking the ceremony towards the end of the day to exchange oaths with the sunset as witnesses and to welcome guests at the dawn party.

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