Want to Stay Healthy and Stay Ideal? 5 Healthy Food It’s Worthy Try

Having the ideal weight is everyone’s dream, both women and men. A person with an ideal weight will appear more confident. In addition, when looking for clothes they will not be difficult to get it. Ideal weight is very important for a person. Not only to support the appearance but also for the sake of health. We know, lack or even overweight will make various diseases easy to approach.

A healthy lifestyle must be lived to achieve ideal body weight. Among them are regular exercise, eat healthy food and enough rest. If all three things are met, then the ideal body weight will be obtained and of course the body healthy and fit every day.

Of the three factors, food is the most influential factor on the rise and fall of weight, especially in women whose bodies often experience weight gain. Therefore, it is very important to consume regular healthy food with the right portion.

Here are some healthy foods that must be consumed to take care of the body and keep the weight to remain ideal:


The main source of vitamins can be found in fruits, and apples are vitamin-rich fruits. Foods with high fiber can digestion and fight against cholesterol in the body. Apples also contain plavonoid and quecertin which can prevent dangerous diseases such as cancer. Eat apples as a breakfast menu if you’re on a diet. Apples contain carbohydrates that can provide energy for the activity.

Almond nut

These nuts are rich in fiber and vitamins. Can be consumed raw or already boiled, but without any additional such as sugar or chocolate so that all the vitamin content can be absorbed by the body maximum. Almonds are very suitable as a substitute for dinner, especially for you who are on a diet program.


In addition to fruit, other vitamin sources come from vegetables. Is a spinach that has good properties for skin and hair. Vitamins and fiber contained in spinach are also efficacious for digestion. In addition, consuming spinach will strengthen your bones and teeth because of the magnesium content inside.


Another great vegetable to keep your weight, broccoli. These green vegetables contain vitamins A and C are excellent for perfecting the body’s metabolism. In order to get maximum results, broccoli should not be cooked too ripe for vitamins ┬ánot lost. Do not also mix the various sauces because it can thwart your diet.


If you have discussed fruits and vegetables, this time there are fish. However, the body needs protein and omega 3 intakes to maximize brain performance. Because salmon has high protein and omega 3 content that other fish do not have. Salmon is also very low in calories so it is safe to eat for you who are undergoing the process of dieting.